Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Week of Nott

Finally, after three months of slacking, a new term started. This time, it's not foundation anymore, but UNDERGRADUATE!!! Finally I can study something about my course. It's very excited and all the classes are very enjoyable.

21st September 2011 - Induction Day
As usual, new students have to attend this day for informations about the UNI, which includes library services, history of Nottingham and it's reputation... Not i don't know all of them, but I attend to get the timetable only. HAHA. A lot of new students.. And a lot of them chosen Chemical Engineering.. New faces, it's good! Can make more friends. Convinced/Tricked my friend to go to Freshers' Week with me! Only one more chance to become a new student, have to grab the chance..Went back home, studied the timetable.
Conclusion : 
i)  Whole weekdays GOT class.
ii)  Everyday class starts at 9:00AM.
iii) Everyday class ENDS at 1:00PM except Wednesday which class ENDS at 12:00PM.
iv) Laboratory sessions STARTS from 2:00PM to 6:00PM!

25th September 2011 - Move In Day
Around 5:30pm, i started my journey from Klang to Semenyih with a lot of stuffs with me.
By the time i reached my house in TTS2, Semenyih already 6:30pm. Haven't eat my dinner yet.
Without any hesitation, i start to unpacking all my stuffs, forming shelfs and cleaning my room.
In the same time, sms with Yan Ling and she told me she had dinner already and makes me more hungry LOL.
9:00pm, all things had been settled, went to Nott. for dinner.

26th September 2011 - First Day, First Class, First..
Woke up at 7:00am because afraid will be late on the first class of the new semester.
First class was Fluid Mechanics, and the lecturer is a DR. from Russian. So, he got a "nice" accent and everyone barely can understand him. But, his class is very enjoyable. After that is Engineering Mathematics which study 80% of the stuffs I learned in foundation. But all gave back to lecturer due to the 3 months of slacking.. Classes ends at 1pm, so we went to SA to have lunch + blow water. At the very moment we reached there, I was... @@ so many people. Met other friends from other courses at there. It is very hard to meet friends in another course in Nott. After lunch, went to the sport complex to check out the new indoor multipurpose court. I saw four basketball half courts there, i was amazed!

Freshers' Week Day one - Ice Breaking
I dragged another person, Mr. Chua to go to the Ice Breaking organised by SA. Met a lof of new people     there, from all sort of places. WOW! We played, we chatted, and we did a lot of things. It was so fun! And the dejavu i had last time about making a conversation in English had come true that day, I was so surprised! Met Wei Kee, Wei Jin, and Lyon on that day.. There are nice people. Wei Kee and Lyon in the same course as me. Event ends at 9pm, straight away rushed to Broga to have dinner by Mr. Stalker's car with Mr. Chua.

27th September 2011 - Tired + Chor DI
Woke up at 7am again, very tired. Before went for class, suddenly realised a lot of foundation friends stayed in TTS2.. haha.. First class was Physics and Process Chemistry, which basically learn about how to process chemicals, in this case it's petroleum or crude oil. The lecturer is a DR. from India, he got epic laughs! Second class was Environmental Management which study about how to manage to preserve the environment without slowing down any industrial growth. The lecturer is a DR. from UK, she is also the personal tutor for me and Mr.Stalker. she is very good in talking LOL.

Class ends at 1pm again because there are no labs on the first week for engineering students. I went back to my room after the lunch and blow water with friends. At night, my housemates bring me and CHee Hong to dinner. Apparently, two of them are my seniors from Chemical Engineering. I got lots of information from them. After dinner, we played Chor Di at my room.. haha.. got win few rounds.. It was fun!

28th September 2011 - Freest Day + Bowling Night
As usual class starts at 9am but today it ends one hour earlier. After that, I went to SA with friends to have some brainstroming for Fluid Mechanics. Around 3pm we went to my room to camp. I drove Chee Hong's car! It's manual and i only make the engine died once. hehe. At my house, they help me and Chee Hong to clean up the house while i clean the toilet. After that, we watched Nichijou, Don't mess with Zohan and others LOL.

6pm, me and Mr. Stalker went to Nott to take the bus to Kajang to play bowling organised by SA. We reached at 7pm something. We prepared and Blow water with Wei Kee, Lyon, Wei Jin and others. Met more friends that day,EE Xuan is one of them. The game starts at 7:45pm. Four people in a group and we only can play two rounds in one hour. Me, Mr. Stalker and two other guys under a group. After the first try i went to kacau Yan Ling, Wei Kee and other lol. Don't know why but i was pretty lucky on that day and i scored 106 and 127 on the first and the second game respectively, but still, can't lead the team win. Our team did pretty well. Game ends at 8:45pm and we headed back to NOtt.

29th September 2011 - Normal + Chasing Goose + Camping + Basketball Day
Class starts at 9am again. That day, we have to meet our personal tutor. As we reached the office of our personal tutor, all we can see was DRs. OMG. After that, we went to Broga for lunch with Wei Kee and Lyon them for the very first time. After that we go walk around and saw some goose at the lakeside, so we decided to go and take a look. Took some pics of those goose and Mr. Chua go and chase them LOL
After that we went to 7-11 @ Nott to buy some drinks.

My Creation

Then they start camping my room LOL. Around 530pm we went to Broga play Basketball because there are no more place to play in Nott. Btw, we meet Ee Xuan, Jin, and Wei Kee at gym.

30th September 2011 - Last Day of the Week 
As usual class starts at 9am. Today we had all the free time from 1pm till 4pm and after that we had class until 5pm.. During lunch, we went to apply our car sticker.  After lunch, we went to library to search for some materials to read. After that, we went to TCR with Wei Kee to obtain the soft copy of Introduction of Fluid Mechanics book. At the end, we went back to library to do tutorial/revise because the internet was slow. After a while, Ee Xuan came and asked whether we wanna join the free English class, then, we went to write our name at Blue Building Extend.

Rain started to fall, Mr. Stalker leaded Wei Kee and Lyon to a watery path while i leaded Mr, Chua and Kevin to a dry path xD. Last class is almost here, we waited in front of the class room and chatted a lot. After an hour, class ended and we fly to Wei Kee's private suit to camp.

After an hour, i fetch Maxine + Yan Ling back to KLANG!!


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